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Transition the Ordinary to Extraordinary - At night, you may have noticed that relatively ordinary architecture and/or landscaping that has the right type of strategically placed lighting can be made to look extraordinary. 

A Luxury Has Become Both Affordable and Practical - In the past lighting buildings and landscape at night was a luxury that many could not afford in terms of the additional cost in uttilities, however now with the high effeciency LED technology used in most of todays outdoor lighting fixtures not only has this accent become affordible, it may now actually be practical.

Adds To Property Value - Depending upon the property, many real estate agents are advising their clients to at minimum add some accent lighting to their buildings and/or landscaping for the pupose of adding resale value to your home and/or commercial property.

Increases Safety & Security - If that was not already enough to get you to consider having the qualified professionals at Mike Morelands Lawn and Landacaping give you a free no obligation quote for you building and/or landscape lighting needs then consider the fact that most security guard and law enforcment professionals will be the first to tell you that the likelyhood of crimes against people, pets and properties is significantly reduced when properties are adequately and properly lit.

Icing On The Cake - In terms of the properties that we help to design and maintain, assisting with the building and/or landscape lighting for our clients might be compared to what a professional baker does when putting icing on their cakes as part of decorating them.  Because of all of the above, to us, the job just seems incomplete without it.  Contact Us today for a free no obligation quote and thank you for considering Mike Moreland's Lawn and Landcaping for all of your lawn maintainance, tree, plant and schrub maintainance, landscaping, hardscaping, and landscape lighting needs.

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